Indigenous wisdom

Indigenous wisdom is the ancient science of the soul.

Ethnomedicine, Ethnopsychoanalysis, Ethnoart, Ethnofilosofie and Ethnomagic.

It comes from the people and cultures of both our ancestral and modern world.

It takes into account the feelings of the soul that separate the sensory dimensions and affect the energetic body, since human beings are spiritual beings from their origins.

The soul connects to our ancestors and can identify with various ethnic groups via their ancestors.

Indigenous wisdom uses ethno-psychoanalysis to develop exercises for the body, mind, soul and spirit in order to awaken a divine awareness of the universe within us.

Purifies the soul and opens the eyes of light, dissolving pessimistic, negative thoughts in our mind. It activates every neuron in the body, including the neurons of the heart, which are receptors of the energy of the sun and the cosmos.

Cleanses the mind, connects it to the soul, and gives the spirit purpose. It frees us from the burdens of the past, which obstruct our talents.

Indigenous magic focuses on all codes of human existence:

   - the Serpent with its fears and anxieties,

   - the Jaguar with its emotions, dreams and secrets,

   - the Hummingbird with its artistry, poetry and creativity, enabling it to survive

     any  storm,  and

   - the Eagle with the Great Spirit, the pure celestial plane where one meets the allies

     of  heaven.

All human beings have the power to transform and heal. When the soul heals, everything heals.

The soul rises when the fire of the spirit is kindled. Indigenous magic activates the inner light so that we can follow its teachings. The souls recognizes itself, all senses are activated and the inner Master is awakened.

Indigenous magic takes us to other dimensions, awakens the empathy within us and appreciates everything around us. It brings with it a magical vision of the illusion of life. Indigenous magic the creativity of the cosmos, the recognition of our ancestors’ dreams of freedom. It is the
science of the intimate connection with the light of the cosmos.
With this age-old science, the spirit of motivation and universal art awakens.